Data Protection / Privacy


We use cookies for your convenience. Cookies are named variables with an assigned value. Its not a program nor a virus or whatever people say. We do use two kinds of cookies. One kind holds e.g. your preferences such as selection of theme or the page width and these are stored on your PC for max one year. The other kind is stored on your PC until you close your browser and these hold e.g. a session identifier or whether you turned on scroll top lock (scissor icon). The session identifier allows to save login information or e.g. random picture history. We do not use tracking cookies and avoid features which do so. Features which require cookies are mostly marked with as long as cookies aren't approved.

Server Logs

Internet Servers produce logs of what they are doing and what they are serving. This includes e.g. IP address, Access time, User Agent, Referrer etc. Those logs may be kept a few days or weeks for e.g. debugging and error corrections.

Data Sharing

We will not share none-public data with third parties, except for legal reasons.

Data Retension

Our servers are backed up periodically. The backups are transferred and stored encrypted on separate servers. Backups will be overwritten and are therefore not older than two weeks.

Contact and Inquiry forms

Data are send as Email and handled only as such.

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